Asoriba partners Hollard Life

BY: Business Desk Report
Mr Nashiru Iddrisu (left) and Mr Saviour Kwaku Dzage (right)

A church technology service provider, Asoriba has partnered Hollard Life Assurance to provide church members a platform to give electronically to their churches while earning free life insurance.

With this partnership, church members could secure life cover and hospital cash-back by donating offerings and pay tithes to their respective churches.

A Co-founder of Asoriba, Mr Saviour Kwaku Dzage, in a joint press release issued on March 9 in Accra by the two organisations , said “As we dug deep into the challenges church members faced frequently, we realised that hospital costs incurred by members and in some instances funeral costs, if a family member or the member themselves passed on, was overwhelming.

“We observed how committed members of welfare groups did their best to provide for sick members, their families or a member who passed on.

“I have personally sat in many church board meetings, negotiating, and discussing how much should be advanced to a member who got hospitalised or in some cases lost a family member or even passed on themselves and I must say the experience was sometimes quite heart wrenching and uncomfortable, simply because church funds were limited,” he added.

Technology platform

Operating for the past three years with thousands of church subscribers on MyChurchPay’s online payment software, it has become the first faith-based technology platform of its kind in Africa.

The platform is available for church members to use across all digital and Social media channels, including USSD, WhatsApp, Web, IOS, Android apps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, while supporting mobile money, Visa, Mastercard, Union, Verve and AMEX cards.

Better future

The Managing Director of Hollard Life Assurance, Mr Nashiru Iddrisu, said, “Our purpose is to enable more people to create and secure a better future.

“This purpose drives our business goals to partner with sometimes unlikely but like-minded institutions to secure a better future for all. In this case, we are happy to be the backbone for church members as they do their part to sustain their churches and fulfil their spiritual responsibilities; especially now that the pandemic has propelled a more digital way of engaging and practicing their faith.

“It is the little things that count. So, with this partnership on MyChurchPay, they know no matter what comes their way, as they give in faith, they can count on us to be insured,” he said.