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Pursue dream with confidence - Prof. Hesse to girls

BY: Juliet Akyaa Safo
Professor Afua Hesse, President of the Accra College of Medicine, addressing some students of the  Roman Ridge School during the workshop
Professor Afua Hesse, President of the Accra College of Medicine, addressing some students of the Roman Ridge School during the workshop

The President of the Accra College of Medicine, Professor Afua Hesse, has advised young girls to pursue their dreams with integrity and confidence to guarantee success in the future.

She also urged them to be disciplined wherever they found themselves, take up challenges and not fear to fail.

“Be good in whatever situation you find yourself, and in all things let integrity and truth be your hallmark,” she said.

Prof. Hesse gave the advice during a workshop organised by the Zonta Club of Accra, a member of Zonta Club International and Roman Ridge School in Accra to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child.

The workshop was on the theme, “Today’s girl, our future opportunities and challenges”.

The workshop was aimed at empowering and enhancing the status and wellbeing of young girls by engaging, among others, women influencers to build the capacities of the girls.

Prof. Hesse further urged young girls not to give up when they failed but to get back up and press on.

She acknowledged the temptations in the society but urged them to build strong principles that would withstand such temptations and bad influence.

“Never compromise doing the wrong thing because it will catch up with you, you must be disciplined and always tell the truth,” she said.

Empower women

The President, Zonta Club of Accra, Madam Vivienne Idun-Ogde, said the club focused on fighting for women's rights by advocating equality, education, ending child marriage, and gender based violence.

“Zonta Club has for the past 52 years provided opportunities for women and girls by undertaking a number of educational, social and health projects locally to empower girls and women.

“Our mission is for all girls, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential. Girls in Ghana have proven that with the necessary skills and opportunities, they can lead the way to progress and build a more equitable.

“We shall not rest until girls’ rights are recognised as human rights,” she insisted.

She indicated that the workshop was also part of their contribution towards the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action which called out girl’s rights that started a much needed wave of international support for young girls.

“We are commemorating the 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl Child, celebrated on October 11, to empower girls and amplify their voices,” she said.

Meanwhile, some of the students of the Roman Ridge School, Ohimahi Vyas and Joanita Sallah, thanked the club for the visit, promising to put into practice what they had heard and encourage other young girls to do same.