Use plain language in sex education

BY: Shirley Asiedu-Addo
Richlove Amamoo (right) engaging the parents at Kissi
Richlove Amamoo (right) engaging the parents at Kissi

Parents have been asked not to use ambiguous language in educating their children on sex.

The Central Regional Director of Gender, Richlove Amamoo, said children should be given sex education right for their age and in unambiguous language.

"When talking about sex, use the right words and not speak in parables which they do not understand," she stated.


She indicated that cultural barriers continued to hinder sex education, compelling parents to continue to use language that often confused children on sex rather than educate them.

Ms Amamoo said it was time to educate children at their level while using clear language to help protect them from unscrupulous predators who might sexually abuse them.

She was speaking to the Community Parent Network Advocacy Group (COPNAG) at Kissi in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem (KEEA) municipality.

It is to get parents to understand and improve the relationship between them and their children.

Ms Amamoo asked parents to be patient with their children and listen to their needs and provide them with their essential needs.

She advised parents to adopt new strategies to effectively communicate with the children and to protect children from abuse.

Listen to them

“Study the children and listen to them. Speak to them at their level.

"Bring back sex education. Use plain words they understand to educate children on sex. Sex is sex and not sleeping with," she said.

She urged them to be vigilant and to ensure their children were protected from abuse.

The Queenmother of Kissi, Nana Afua Badu, advised parents to support their children with their basic needs and to prevent them from falling prey to abusive persons.