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'King Kong' Agbeko calls for peaceful polls

Joseph Agbeko urges Ghanaians to fight for peace

Three-time world bantanweight champion, Joseph (King Kong) Agbeko is urging the Ghanaian electorate to engage peacefully with each other to ensure the 2016 polls passes peacefully.

This Ghanaians can do by adopting the friendly temperament of prized-fighters who immediately after a boxing bout, abandon all hostilities to remain true sportsmen, he counseled. 

According to Agbeko, this attitude will help to maintain peace in the country before, during and after the 2016 general elections.

He maintained that only a peaceful environment can create the conditions required to promote economic development.

The 35-year-old boxer was speaking in an exclusive interview with Graphic Online to explain his motive for staging his boxing bout against Tanzanian brawler, Haji Mwalugo Juma on August 27 at the Accra Sports Stadium.

He said, "As a boxer, I believe boxing is one of the best ways that you can use to promote peace because boxing is a peaceful sport. 

"Boxing is a sport for gentlemen, boxing is the only sport where you see fighters getting aggressive, very angry with each other but at the end of a fight, they become very close friends and there is peace after every fight."

Agbeko stated that the fight against Haji Mwalugo Juma which he has christened, "Fight for Peace" is aimed at promoting peace, insisting that the fistic sport is very peaceful and urged all Ghanaian voters to emulate boxers.  

"So, I urge all Ghanaians to come to the Accra Sports Stadium on 27th of August for all of us to come together to fight for peace. 

"We don't want no violence going into these elections, at the end of the elections none of us is going to become the president or the MP, we are only going to vote to support the one we believe in so that we can have a better Ghana.

"So, violence cannot bring a better Ghana, with peace we will have a better Ghana, so let's all fight for peace", he said.