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8 Reasons you must exercise regularly (2)

Exercise helps in maintaining acceptable weight

Regular exercise helps to control cholesterol better. Exercise increases levels of high density lipoproteins (HND), also known as good cholesterol in the body.

When HDL increases, LDL (low density lipoproteins) which is also known as bad cholesterol decreases. This ensures a healthier heart and vascular system. 

Combining exercise well with a good diet will ensure you lower your cholesterol level, making your heart healthier.

Preventing arthritis or gout

 Exercise helps in maintaining acceptable weight. Maintaining a normal weight for one height helps reduce the weight that joints have to carry most of the time. This supports the prevention of arthritis. It also helps so much in managing painful joints especially the knees. 

Those with arthritis pains will find it very difficult to exercise. My advice is that get some walk if the pain subsides, little by little, the small walks will result in some weight loss which will help you deal with the pains as well.  

Feeling of well-being

Exercise helps to build a strong immune system. This helps the body to fight disease causing organisms that attacks body cells. With a strong defence system powered by regular exercise, one is able to fight those organisms better and stay healthier most of the time. 

Most of my patients confess that they feel good after a period of exercise. 

Maintains good mood

 Exercise releases endorphins and other hormones that makes one feel good most of the day. This kind of good feeling is what one needs to reply an insult with a smile whilst in traffic on the way to work. 

They also help in relieving pain, so someone with a long lasting back pain feels more relief if they exercise. In such an instance, the type of exercise chosen should be safe for the back. 

You need a physiotherapist’s advice in this regard.

Doing exercise of a moderate activity for about 30 minutes a day will help derive all the eight benefits listed. Those who exercise regularly are more likely to enjoy these benefits than those who only exercise once in a while. 

Hope you will start doing some exercise. And remember, once a while is not the best. 

Stay blessed!!! 


The writer is a dietician at Trust Hospital and author of "Diet, Health & Wellness Book". He invites you to the launch of his new diet book titled: “Answers for your diet” at the Trust Specialist Hospital, Sunkwa, Osu on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 12noon.

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