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Kissing is the foundation of foreplay. Kissing leads to making out, and making out leads to dry humping, which means sex, which means… well, that’s where it ends. But even still, there are some things that can happen during kisses that are less than ideal.

As a marriage therapist, I see a lot of couples, a lot of heartbreak, and a lot of sadness. Then—eventually—that turns into a lot of happiness and smiles. I see them thinking, "yes, we are going to make it." Those are the moments that I hang on to.

Our words stir up victory or defeat


Words are easy ways to express our thoughts, opinions, judgments and beliefs but we must appreciate the fact that words are powerful. God created us by His words. Satan deceived us by words and Jesus came to earth to save us with words. They are like arrows which when thrown, cannot be taken back.

Men are known to take break ups in stride


Men are known to take break ups in stride. Most women can be affected by it the hardest. This is not saying that men are not affected emotionally by relationship break-ups. It is just that many men do not seem to know how to react to such situations.

The truth hurts


The truth hurts. But you need to know. Loving someone requires commitment, not just saying the words "I love you" and bandying around the L word each time you have a free moment. You are committing emotionally, physically, and spiritually to another person.

When two people first meet, it’s all about chemistry and passion. You don’t question if they have a savingsaccount or a good relationship with their family — it’s all about initial attraction.

We’re usually told that lying is bad. It’s not hard to see why. Lying is a form of deception that fills the worldwith distrust, is morally wrong, and becomes a chore on the liar’s mind. On the other hand, lying is human nature and even necessary at certain times. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Choosing to work, you are providing your child with a life that may be richer in options than if you stayed at home


Before you hand in your resignation, take a breath. It is never easy being a mum trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life.

Your choice of phone can reveal much more about your personality than you think. A new study has found people who buy Android phones are more honest and humble than those who pick iPhones.

As an adult, you have obligations. You have a job and you pay bills. You may even have a family — a spouse and/or children. You need to work, but you would also like to go back to school and achieve something greater.

Staying at a job you hate can be brutal. Whether you hate your boss, your co-workers, your job duties, or something else, staying at your job may cause stress and extra exhaustion. However, don’t draft your resignation letter just yet.

Do you start and end each day feeling content or wonder if there's more out there for you?

Leana (left) Female Model of the Year receiving her award from Trudy, CEO of Studio 7 Beauty Lounge


This year’s e.TV Ghana Fashion Awards came off last Saturday at the Mercedez-Benz auditorium within the Airport City enclave in Accra.



African wear for men come in various cuts, colours and sizes. They also range from the simple African one piece shirt to more elaborate two-piece and three-piece ensemble with designs and embroidery.

Emeka Oparah


Nigerian fashion designer, Emeka Oparah has expressed willingness to establish a Ghanaian offshoot of his fashion label Ethelberts Clothing in the country to serve the needs of the Ghanaian market.

Nii Adjei Dromo Mensah.


A final year student in the Fashion Department of the Radford University College has clinched the top spot  in the maiden edition of  Multi TV’s  ‘Best Fashion Talent 2016’ contest.

Kobby Symple


Hiplife sensation, Kobby Symple, is set to add an additional layer of glamour and entertainment to the already packed 2016 edition of the Neskael Corporate Fashion Show which is set to come off on Saturday, October 1, at the La Palm Royal Beach hotel.

Makeba Boateng


Following the success of its two previous panel discussions, Fashion Forum Ghana (FFG) will   hold the third in the series today, September 29, at the British Council Auditorium in Accra.