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A designer and a model at the event


Students of the Department of the Industrial Arts of the College of Arts and Built Environment of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) will on May 13 organise a runaway show to exhibit their works.

Casual wear for men


Achieving a casual look is not a simple feat. The term casual can represent different styles of grooming to a varied number of people.

The approach with this dress code is certainly more laid back than others. The focus is on creating a decent look simply and effortlessly.

One of the leather bracelet


Are you a lover of bracelets? Then you would certainly love the new leather bracelets provided you are not allergic to leather.

Leather bracelets are in vogue and this time they look extremely striking to adorn. Leather bracelets come in various shapes and styles.

Some model exhibiting the Aku+V collection


A new fashion label Aku+Vi targeted at the young and empowered modern woman was on Tuesday launched at the Untamed Empire Concept Store in Ridge, Accra. 

The fashion label derives its name “Aku” from a Wednesday born girl from the “Ewe” tribe in Ghana, and Vi to mean Vibrant; thus Aku+Vi comes to reveal a true reflection of our own uniqueness and self-awareness.

MCs, Vimbai and Nathaniel Attoh


For a show that has been off for four years, last Saturday’s Rhythms on Da Runway held at the Banquet Hall of the State House lived up to its billing.

Held as part of Ghana’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the well-attended event saw fashion and music at its best much to the delight of patrons.

Business formal dress code


Bright multicoloured shirts and ties is a definite No! Choice of tie needs to blend with the colour of the business suit. 

Neither tattered belt nor dusty shoes is allowed.

When you work hard every single day and there’s only so much money left after your regular expenses, you have to make certain it’s well spent. Spend your limited funds on what science says will make you happy.

Members of the community have very clean water from the Akrasu river for their daily use


In spite of the rampant destruction of the environment and water bodies left in the trail of galamsey activities in most communities across the country, there are some who have guarded against the menace and it is so refreshing to know.

New ideas, new goals and new ways of thinking can stem from the relaxation you take


Giving employees the time they need to rest, enjoy life and return to work rejuvenated can produce massive benefits for companies. 

When employees plan holidays, family and friends getaways, those getaways are a smart move for companies because taking breaks or time off brings employees back refreshed, happier and healthier — and that leads to increased productivity.

No amount of clinging can hold a mutually fulfilling relationship.


There is nothing like falling in love and the joy of a new relationship. You feel on top of the world and everything around you glows with love. Your only wish at this time is that you will live happily thereafter.

One strategy that some lovers use to hold on to their relationships is by being clingy. A clingy person is one who is totally and emotionally dependent on his or her lover.

The Africa Study Bible is a bold contribution to “Satisfying Africa’s thirst for God’s Word”.


The Christian churches exist to make disciples.  In the Africa Study Bible (ASB) project formulation with Dr.Tite Tienou from Burkina Faso as Chair, it was decided that the project would focus on discipleship and life transformation by providing tools and help to grow Christians deep in their faith.

Thus, the ASB comes as a unique fresh resource material to help the church to develop their members into Christ-like disciples.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving your goals is you. In the pursuit of success, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get out of your own way; and one of the ways that this can manifest itself is procrastination.

More often than not, you are not putting something off because of laziness or disinterest.

A good relationship with your in-laws builds your marriage


One of the major causes of conflicts and divorce in a marriage is the influence some parents have on their children when they marry. Some in-laws interfere in the marriages of their children, thinking they are demonstrating love and care when in fact they don’t give the couple space to nurture their marriage.

Your time is always spent on your partner


Now you are into this new relationship. 

You are happy to be in one. But now, you seem to have this concern whether you are too attached to your new partner. 

Sure, you like being with each other. But there can also be such a thing as being too clingy. Doing so can be very detrimental to a relationship, especially if one is not comfortable with it.

Before you start planning your future, you’ll need to master a few basics


After months of crushing on the man or woman of your dreams, you finally score a date. 

You’re excited and thinking of where this could lead. Before you start planning your future, you’ll need to master a few basics.

As a therapist and life transition coach, I’ve worked with many couples struggling with relationship issues. Most often, the issues revolve around ineffective communication, mistrust, the need for power and control, and the quest to be right.

In order to have a loving and thriving relationship, a couple needs to have a good energy flow and synergy. But it can be hard for people to know where to start when creating this type of relationship. But the 5 C's can help when used as a guide.

In the day to day of our relationships, a lot of stuff can get swept under the rug. Combine that with the fact that a lot of partners don’t really get to know each other on a deep level at the beginning of their relationships (or at any point) and you could be highly prone to emotionally stepping on your partner’s toes without knowing it.

I recommend asking some of the following questions once every few months, and others on a weekly basis.

Every relationship needs a lot of love to stand


Do not just invest in the future, do also invest for the future. A relationship needs a lot of love to stand; it also needs a lot of planning to sustain. 

This planning must derive from sacrifice, discipline, accountability, realistic expectations, and a firm belief in miracles.