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No need to shy away from dating through relationship sites


Experts in the field say there is no need to shy away from dating through relationship sites - as long as precautions are taken. Keep chats restricted to the website or app.

Give yourself and your partner some space


Do you feel like your relationship just isn’t what it used to be? Is it lacking that special spark you and your partner had when you first got together? It’s important to learn how to put the passion back into your relationship!

In-laws do not have the right to dissolve marriages under the ordinance


The Registrar of Marriage at the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA), Mr Francis Bennett Adams, has reminded in-laws that they do not have the right to dissolve marriages under the ordinance.

‘Till death do us part’, this is what this happy couple seems to say


I was inspired to write this piece based on experiences like the one above and others I have read and heard in relation to the importance of marriage. Organisations and individuals use due diligence as an enquiry tool to get information about entities they would like to engage with for business purposes prior to signing an agreement.

Truthfully it's no harder to impress a woman than it is to impress anyone else. And yet, men manage to mess this up so phenomenally that guides have been written on how they can best impress a lady to the point that she will agree to hang around them for a while.

Michael Swift and Allie Dowdle


A US student has raised more than $10,000 (£8,221) through crowdfunding after claiming that her mum and dad cut her off for having a black boyfriend.

Allie Dowdle says her parents refused to give her any more cash saying they didn't approve of the relationship.

Lost reality. Weak mind. Weak willpower. What is next? You cannot positively influence your life when you are not emotionally strong. Strength comes from within. Regardless of who your parents are and how much your husband earns, you cannot be a strong woman until you learn how to manage your emotions.

This is the deal with January: it arrives and you have something of an existential crisis. The first month of the year turns up the volume on that self-critical voice in your head – sounds dreary, but sometimes it's exactly what you need to kickstart an ambitious new year.

Include loads of vegetables in your foods


For those in our part of the world, the burden of disease becomes double since people are hungry due to lack of economic empowerment and at the same time they will be sick due to the kind of foods they eat.

The World Health Organization estimated the number of people with dementia in 2015 at 47.5 million [Matt Rourke/AP]


People living near busy roads have a higher chance of developing dementia, according to researchers in Canada.

Christmas is portrayed very well by a beautifully decorated home.


There seem to be some excitement in the air with Christmas carol trooping in from one FM station after the other. The Christmas songs for me are a great relief from the bombardment with political songs for the past months.

Some people have gone overboard and overused the barbed security coils


We continue with the answer to a reader’s letter on how to have secured homes. We begin with the need to be part of neighbourhood watchdogs.Neighbourhood watchdogs are groups of people in a particular neighbourhood who volunteer to stay up and patrol the night to ward off potential threats from robbers and other evil-minded people.

Leana (left) Female Model of the Year receiving her award from Trudy, CEO of Studio 7 Beauty Lounge


This year’s e.TV Ghana Fashion Awards came off last Saturday at the Mercedez-Benz auditorium within the Airport City enclave in Accra.



African wear for men come in various cuts, colours and sizes. They also range from the simple African one piece shirt to more elaborate two-piece and three-piece ensemble with designs and embroidery.

Emeka Oparah


Nigerian fashion designer, Emeka Oparah has expressed willingness to establish a Ghanaian offshoot of his fashion label Ethelberts Clothing in the country to serve the needs of the Ghanaian market.

Nii Adjei Dromo Mensah.


A final year student in the Fashion Department of the Radford University College has clinched the top spot  in the maiden edition of  Multi TV’s  ‘Best Fashion Talent 2016’ contest.

Kobby Symple


Hiplife sensation, Kobby Symple, is set to add an additional layer of glamour and entertainment to the already packed 2016 edition of the Neskael Corporate Fashion Show which is set to come off on Saturday, October 1, at the La Palm Royal Beach hotel.

Makeba Boateng


Following the success of its two previous panel discussions, Fashion Forum Ghana (FFG) will   hold the third in the series today, September 29, at the British Council Auditorium in Accra.