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Dear Auntie Betty, I am a 13-year-old girl who is dating a boy in SHS Three. I gave him all my heart but now I want to forget about him but I can’t. What should I do? I need your help.

Bernice, Accra.

Dear Auntie Betty, I am a 14-year-old girl. A boy in my class is not talking to me but I don’t know what I have done to him. I want to talk with him. What should I do?

Adelaide, Accra.

Dear Auntie Betty, I am a 14-year-old girl who just completed JHS. There is a boy in my school who is dating my best friend.

Dear Auntie Betty, I am 18 years and an SHS graduate. Our results were released a few weeks ago and when I checked mine, I passed in seven of the subjects but failed in Maths.

We all know the results associated with a successful brand but may not know the formula that goes into making it so popular.



Dear Auntie Betty, I am in junior high school (JHS) Form One and the shortest girl in the class, I sit at the back and cannot see from there.

Group photograph by some members of Ghana Girl Guides Association

Junior News

The Ghana Girl Guides Association is organising international trips for its members to familiarise themselves with sister Guides from various parts of the world.

School staff should be trained to be allies of young girls during adolescence

Junior News

A call has been made for schools to be equipped with soaps, sanitary pads and medication for pain during menstruation.

The call, which was contained in a statement issued by J Initiative (JI), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), stated that all school staff should also be trained to be allies of young girls during their adolescence.

Total of 311 final-year JHS students with disabilities to write BECE

Junior News

A total of 311 final-year junior high school students (JHS) with disabilities will take part in this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The students are 285 hearing and 57 visually impaired as well as 11 dumb candidates. They are among a total of 468,053 candidates from 15,185 public and private schools that will be writing the examination this year.  The number consists of 241,148 males and 226,905 females.

A child below five years should not be allowed to sit in the front seat of a car

Junior News

Adults, especially parents, have been warned to refrain from carrying children below five years in the front seats of their vehicles.

“A child below five years should not be allowed under any circumstance to sit in the front seat of a car but rather should be in the rear seat. The driver of such a vehicle has a responsibility to ensure that children wear seat belts while in the rear seat. ” the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Alex Amponsah-Asiamah has warned.

A cross-section of the outgoing SHS students at the programme

Junior News

The Accra High School has organised a leavers party for the recent SHS graduates who completed the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Speaking to the Junior Graphic, the Headmistress of the school, Mrs Betty Aduhene-Chinebuah said the party was organised to induct the outgoing students into the Accra High School Old Students Association and also to bid them farewell.

A parade mounted by the Girl Guides to commemorate the occasion

Junior News

The Ghana Girl Guides Association (GGGA) has inducted and warranted five new female commissioners into the executive council.

A ceremony was held at the forecourt of the association’s headquarters in Accra for the replacement of the past executive members.

Mrs Rita Oppong, 2016 National Best Teacher

I'll Tell My Story

Most teachers want a class made up of smart students to make teaching easier.

Majority of smart students are well liked by their teachers; they usually run errands for them and take up various leadership positions in their class and also in the school. This attitude by some teachers sometimes impact negatively on the less endowed students.

Dr Emmanuel Akwetey — Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG).

I'll Tell My Story

His father, a policeman, was a strict disciplinarian who never tolerated lies from his children. This fear of the consequences of lying made the young boy confess to his father one day when he played truant and was found out by his dad. It was the truth that saved him that fateful day, he said amidst laughter. 

The chorus of one of Ghana's hip life songs which goes, "there is a new girl in town," sums up the story of my near lost experience in China's Yiwu Commodity Trading Centre.

 As a journalist, I have always held the view that "a journalist must not get lost" because the whole profession is about asking so if you do not know a place, one should ask. 

However, my experience at the Centre made nonsense of this long held view.

I am part of a group of participants from African countries attending a seminar on Think-Tanks Forum for Anglophone African countries in China. And as part of the seminar, participants were taken to various fun-field places in China, as well as to places where we could get Chinese products to buy.

He walked for three miles all alone from his home at Saaman to the examination centre at the Osino Presbyterian School the day he had to write his Common Entrance Examination.

After junior high, Halima decided she would not go to senior high school because she wanted to learn how to sew. She was very beautiful and for someone with only a basic school certificate, she was too intelligent for her own good. She spoke and wrote English better than so many degree holders.

People admired her for not only that but also her humble nature and kind heart. And this was the lady I had a crush on. 

We grew up in the same community but I never mustered the courage to speak to her. Though I was handsome, studying medicine at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and had a little swag, for some reason, I felt I was no match for her, that I did not deserve to be her friend.

At a very young age, he was skillful in making simple household furniture such as tables, chairs and stools because he received practical lessons from his father who was a master carpenter.

Every day after school and mostly during vacations while he was in the primary and middle school, he would go to his father’s workshop and assist him and his apprentices.