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Reports emerging from Nigeria's Federal Government say President Muhammadu Buhari is to operate from home hence.

The US military's top commander in the Pacific has said an advanced missile defence system in South Korea aims bring North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "to his senses, not to his knees".

Adm Harry Harris, head of US Pacific Command, told Congress the US would be ready "with the best technology" to defeat any North Korean missile threat.

The US has also deployed warships and a submarine to the Korean peninsula.

The National Police Service will hire 10,000 officers who will be bonded for 10 years.

Interested Kenyans aged between 18 and 28 are required to fill an application form ahead of the recruitment on May 11.

Donald Trump has indicated he will scrap plans to find cash for his border wall in this week's spending bill.

The president's close adviser, Kellyanne Conway, said funding for the wall would be left out of a budget measure that must pass by Friday.

Building the wall, paid for by Mexico, was a key campaign promise.

Tanzania has expelled the head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the country, the foreign ministry has said in a statement.

It blamed Awa Dabo, a Gambian national, for the "deteriorating performance" of her office, driven by what it called her "strained relations" with staff.

A US submarine has arrived in South Korea, amid worries of another North Korean missile or nuclear test.

The missile-armed USS Michigan is set to join an incoming group of warships led by aircraft carrier Carl Vinson.

Madam Sun Baohong - Chinese Ambassador to Ghana


A total of 182 newly-signed agreements between China and Africa are estimated to cost $32 billion dollars, a Chinese diplomat in Africa, Dr  Ren  Xiaoping, has revealed.

An additional 61 agreements on projects have been signed in the past three months, summing up to $18.3 billion dollars.

Nigeria's airport in the capital, Abuja, has reopened six weeks after it was closed for urgent repairs.

Henrietta Yakubu, a spokesman for the aviation authority, said repair works were completed 24 hours ahead of schedule.

Ethiopia's state-affiliated Human Rights Commission says 669 people died, including 63 policemen, in the wave of anti-government protests that began in November 2015.

International rights groups have said hundreds of people lost their lives in clashes between police and protesters.

UN researchers were looking into alleged human rights violations by the Congolese army and local militia groups [Reuters]



Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested two suspects in connection to last month's killing of two UN investigators, but one of the prisoners has escaped, according to a senior prosecutor.

The announcement was the first reported sign of progress in an inquiry into the deaths of American Michael Sharp and Swede Zaido Catalan, investigators monitoring UN Security Council sanctions against individuals and armed groups in Congo.

Attacks on aid workers and obstruction of their efforts has contributed to man-made famine in South Sudan [Sam Mednick/AP]


The World Food Programme said on Friday it was "horrified" to learn that three of its South Sudanese workers were killed in violence that claimed at least 16 lives earlier this week.

The three men, contracted as porters, appear to have been killed while trying to get to a WFP warehouse amid fighting between rebel and government troops near the western city of Wau.

Rescue vessels in the Mediterranean worked flat out on Friday to rescue more than 2,000 people [Darrin Zammit Lupi/Reuters]


More than 2,000 asylum seekers trying to reach Europe were plucked from the Mediterranean on Friday in a series of dramatic rescues.

An Italian coastguard spokesman said 19 rescue operations by the coastguard or ships operated by non-governmental organisations had saved a total of 2,074 people on 16 overcrowded rubber dinghies and three small wooden boats.

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The two candidates with the most votes will advance to a runoff [Lionel Bonaventure/Reuters]


Polls have opened in France for the first round of the presidential election, in a vote that could not only have significant consequences for the country but also the future of the European Union.

Four candidates in Sunday's election have a realistic chance of reaching the second round run-off on May 7, with just 5 percentage points separating them according to the latest opinion polls.

Footage from the crime scene showed dozens of men kicking a body sprawled on the ground [AFP]

Middle East

Eight Pakistanis accused of killing a fellow university student over allegations of blasphemy have been charged with murder and "terrorism", according to court officials.

Mashal Khan, a journalism student, was stripped, beaten, shot and thrown from the second floor of his dorm at the Abdul Wali Khan university in the northwestern town of Mardan on Thursday by a large group of people.


An aircraft cabin ban on large electronic devices was prompted by intelligence suggesting a terror threat to US-bound flights, says US media.

The US and UK have announced new carry-on restrictions banning laptops on certain passenger flights.

An American citizen has been detained in North Korea as he tried to leave the country, South Korean media say.

The man was identified only by his surname, Kim.