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S.B Bortey (right)


A cousin of mine once boasted that he never sat for any examination and failed. He explained that he never went for examinations if and when he was not well prepared for them.

This simply clarifies the relevance of preparing adequately for any project that is to be undertaken. Our soldiers put it this way: “Hard training, easy battle.”

Front View of GCUC


It is a fairly young private university but there is every indication that it is rapidly growing to become a key tertiary institution capable of rubbing shoulders with the country’s major universities. The above statement aptly captures the stature of the Garden City University College (GCUC) established in 2005 at Kenyase, a fast-growing peripheral suburb of Kumasi and located on the Airport Roundabout-Antoa Road. That GCUC looks poised to make an indelible imprint on the country’s educational map with its unique goal of developing the next generation of innovators and transformational leaders in Ghana is no secret.

Of course, as a nodal institution for innovation, social change and development, GCUC’s attraction of a considerable degree of attention in both Ghana and beyond comes as a pleasant surprise.

Right Reverend Kofi Asare-Bediako


The Sunyani Diocese of the Methodist Church has embarked on a number of projects over the years to respond to the socio-economic needs of people in its catchment area, besides preaching the gospel to win thousands of souls for Christ.

Led by the Bishop of the Diocese, Right Reverend Kofi Asare-Bediako, the diocese’s socio-economic projects are complementing the government’s efforts to provide health services and education at the doorstep of people, especially those in  rural and deprived areas.

Niibi Nii Martey Botchway Benjamin Jnr


The immediate past President of Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), AUCC Chapter, Niibi Nii Martey Botchway Benjamin Jnr is appealing to the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service to run the sickle cells clinic at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital as a 24 hour facility and also replicate such in all public hospitals due to the volatile nature of the ailment.

Railway lines at Benso


Under a National Railway Re-Development Programme, local communities are to be given a bigger role to play in protecting and managing rail lines and other railway installations.

The model, dubbed, "Community-based Railway Development Programme" will be launched soon by the Ministry of Railways Development.

Some workers busily weeding under trees in the plantation near the project close to the Mamang River Forest Reserve


A flock of birds chirp endlessly. Tall nearby trees whisper and a chainsaw roars a stone throw away. Shrubs and climbers envelope stumps while wild grasses bloom. The sun is hot, the breeze cold, but the ground is wet with giant footprints of tractors.

This is the Kweikaru Forest Reserve where giant trees have fallen to merchants of the timber industry, leaving it degraded,with its restoration on the shoulders of Newmont Golden Ridge Limited (Akyem Mine), a mining company operating in the Ajenua Bepo Forest Reserve in the Eastern Region.

Mahamadu Bawumia


The ‘2017’ National Dialogue has been launched recently on the theme, “Restoring the Ghanaian Identity: Our Values, Our Passion.” The occasion had speakers deliver scholarly and morally intelligent speeches to mark the day.

Various Ghanaian political hegemonies have had several platforms with a similar quest for seeking national cohesion, sanity and respect in all endeavours of our national lives. Yet, we keep harping on the same string of missing the Ghanaian identity and values but adopting strange “norms” in the Ghanaian society.

Banks should be more concerned about the risk aspects of the loan process


There are growing concerns that the rising non-performing loans (NPLs) on the books of some banks in Ghana threaten their existence and depositor’s funds. There is the need for immediate enhanced ways of dealing with these bad loans on the financial strength of the banks to avert their collapse.

The latest Bank of Ghana (BoG) financial stability report revealed that the NPLs have hit GH¢6.1 billion over the last year, representing a 70 per cent increase of the 2015 figure of GH¢3.6 billion.

Ken Ofori Atta - Finance Minister


Language plays a very important part in communication. It is therefore incumbent on a person who communicates to bear in mind that for their targeted audience to understand their message, their (communicator) choice of language was very crucial.

In the last few days, I have watched a short video of Ghana’s Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, responding to a question posed to him at the just-ended African Consultative Group Meeting held in Washington DC, in April, this year, as part of the IMF/World Bank Spring meetings. From the video, I saw how both the Africans and others on the panel were nodding in agreement to what he was saying.

Recent news items on CBS affiliate, KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas about a plane traveling from Panama to George Bush International Airport which experienced weather-related turbulence, brought home a familiar incident involving a local airline brand in Ghana.

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, the United Flight 1031, a Boeing 737, is reported to have encountered severe turbulence in the Mexican airspace, about 80 miles east of Cancun, however, the airline landed safely with minor injuries to passengers and the crew.

The lack of maintenance of housing projects have left many houses in deplorable state


Although sustainable housing policy thrives on a balanced focus on new housing production and effective maintenance strategies, the orientation of housing policies and programmes in Ghana manifest an unequal attention on the supply side of the housing equation.

The poor maintenance culture plaguing our housing system in Ghana can be likened to a water tank with a perforated base. Although water flows regularly into the tank, it never gets full because of the continuous outflow or discharge of water through the holes underneath.

Mohammed Issa


It was my 40th birthday, and someone asked me what I would want to be in another life. “A writer,” I blurted out. Everyone laughed, including me. I was a hard-nosed businessman who chased financial success and the luxury, prestige and social status that came with it. 

I was insensitive, unaware of the complex people and stories surrounding me.



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Elizabeth Ohene - The Writer

Elizabeth Ohene

It used to say on my passport in the profession column that I was a Journalist. Now it says WRITER. The change from journalist to writer occurred in the early 1990s. The world had suddenly changed from the innocent place I had known where we journalists wore dust jackets with PRESS emblazoned on them as a form of protection in dangerous areas, to journalists becoming deliberate targets.

Elizabeth Ohene

Elizabeth Ohene

There are many things I want to write about today. The vetting by Parliament of nominated Ministers of State, the one-upmanship of the committee members is very much in your face. It does seem we must give them a crash course on how to conduct interviews to get something useful and interesting out of the nominees.

An IT system cannot add or deduct from votes obtained at the polling station and recorded on pink sheets

Elizabeth Ohene

I have toyed with transferring my vote to Ayawaso West Wugon which is the constituency in which I live in Accra. But somehow I haven’t summoned the courage to transfer my vote from Abutia which as the whole world knows, is my home town.

Former President J.J. Rawlings

Civic Realities

Like a river which starts in its youthful stage, flowing slowly from its source then at its middle stage is full of force and works ferociously towards its old age before ebbing slowly into the sea, what are you going to do at age 70 and thereafter?

(From left) Mr Hassan Ayariga, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, Henry Lartey

Civic Realities

Mother Ghana is deeply wounded from a national crisis that has broken the hearts of many. Ghana was thrown into a state of horror and shock last week Monday when the news of the gruesome lynching of a military officer detailed to Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region broke.

Prior to this, the nation, in the past few months, had witnessed rising impunity and lawlessness within the political arena, Political vigilantism and machismo have become a part of our body politic, and some sections of the Ghanaian society are increasingly losing faith in the law enforcers and judiciary system. Mob or instant justice is becoming the order of the day.

The President will, therefore, more than necessary need the total support and collaborative effort from all his nominees to get Ghana working for her people.

Civic Realities

One of the pillars of the country’s democratic governance is  the creation of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs). As an important state institution under this current Fourth Republican dispensation, their functions and roles in the good governance process cannot be questioned or underestimated.

I think that the National Commission for Civic Education will have to be given extra resources to intensify the inclusiveness and national unity agenda if in 2017, a person nominated by the President to head a locality can be rejected by a group there based on a view that the appointee, a fellow Ghanaian, is a “stranger”.

Sometimes I am tempted to believe that if we want to know the true state of education in most places in Ghana, we need not look beyond the signs all around us, whether on signboards, on commercial vehicles or on structures.

Diabolic! Fiendish! Inhuman! Barbaric! Callous! Sadistic! Evil! One could go on and on with such exclamations, and still not find the appropriate words to describe the horror of the cold-blooded killing of any human being, such as has been in the news these past few days.

Mr K.B. Asante

Voice from afar

We have been sending envoys abroad now and again to rest from their labours. They may not even know how to embellish that which is not true. They simply lie quietly in bed while they make something small for the future. Unfortunately, there is no generally recognised course which one can take and obtain a diploma or degree to qualify as a diplomat. We will not take one who is not a trained lawyer to represent us at the border dispute with Cote d’lvoire. But we believe that anyone can promote our interests in foreign negotiations and at international meetings.

President Akufu-Addo

Voice from afar

In Ghana today, the Government has huge responsibilities for economic and social development.  It cannot shy away from them.

It must involve itself directly or indirectly in enterprises and see to it that individuals or groups of citizens succeed in their legitimate economic endeavours. 

Heated arguments about private enterprise and state involvement in economic ventures belong to the past and should not be invoked to confuse true appreciation of responsibilities.

I often wonder why we have a “Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration”.  I believe at one time we had a Ministry for Regional Integration in spite of agreements and policies for the integration of African programmes.  

I suppose we created that ministry to accommodate one of the party faithful who had to be given a ministerial post.  When the post was no longer necessary, instead of disbanding it, we took the line of least resistance and dumped its officials and the like on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was then given a bloated title which still persists.  The title jars in my ancient ears.  We should scrap it.

We should thus all work towards ensuring that justice is done and not just seen to be done.

Thinking Aloud

One sage has remarked notably that “there is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future.” This is a fact that our politicians must learn in their dealings with the general public.  They must know that our people have matured in their political decision-making processes.

I consider it a great honour to have been identified by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to represent him on the commission

Thinking Aloud

The lips of the righteous know what is fitting. But the mouth of the wicked, only what is perverse. — Prov 10:32. Dr Martin Luther King has noted that one of the banes of humanity is looking for all the good things for ourselves and selfishness.

He notes, “We all want to be important, to surpass others, to achieve distinction, to lead the parade…. Adler came with the new argument saying that this quest for recognition, this desire for attention, this desire for distinction is the basic impulse, the basic drive of human life — this drum major instinct.

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority must ensure that Ghanaian languages are used alongside English in domestic flights.

Thinking Aloud

There is a saying that when you are in Rome, you must do as the Romans do. It, therefore, means that there is the need to follow functional traditions in all the things that we do. That is why I would want to suggest to our local airlines to use some of our languages as part of their in-flight communication.