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If the election takes place in October that would give everybody much more time to recover from the anxiety of a general election and for political leaders to organise well ahead of the January 7 changeover, should that be the case. All of us would then be assured of one less stress before the Christmas and year-end activities.


Earlier this week, the almost forgotten sound of a Christmas carol floating in the vicinity of my house reminded me that for many people this year’s Christmas season has been nearly eclipsed by Election 2016.

The increasing numbers of pregnant adolescents indicate the importance of addressing adolescent sexual reproductive health in Ghana.


Teenage pregnancy and motherhood is a major social and health issue in Ghana. Early teenage pregnancy can cause severe health problems for both the mother and child. An early start to childbearing greatly reduces women’s educational and employment opportunities and is associated with higher levels of fertility. Teenage pregnancy is defined as unintended pregnancy during adolescence. A female teenager can be pregnant as early as age 12 or 13.

As it turned out, Abdul Hayi Moomen was anchoring the stations coverage as correspondents across the country interacted with him about how the voting process was going.


Election 2016! The much awaited, much anticipated, much talked about event in 2016, the one event we have prepared for and discussed for well-nigh four years has come to an end.

Mr Moses Asaga, CEO, National Petroleum Authority


I wish to propose that after having operated under the price deregulation for more than a year now, there is the need to review the two weeks pricing window. This is because it is too restrictive and thus, does not create room for proper inventory management.

Ballot boxes


As we entered the last few days before voting on Wednesday December 7, one of the greatest challenges that confronted us as Ghanaians was be what to do with what we heard, saw or read. If any of us never heard, or read or understood critical thinking, this was an opportunity for us to gain some insight into it and apply it judiciously.

This is because the application of critical thinking in the days before, and after the election could help greatly, the preservation of the peace in our country.

Motorcycles occupy an important place in transportation


Take it or leave it, the motorcycle as a mode of transporting passengers has gradually become part of us and has come to stay. The third force popularly called “Okada” is now part of the passengers transport system in Ghana, the Liberians call it “Penpen”. The name Okada is derived from an Yoruba word from Nigeria where motorcycles are a versatile and active means of public passenger transport. 

Prof. Clifford Nii Boi Tagoe


The second matriculation of the Accra College of Medicine (ACM) was emotional and prescient! From the dais, watching the swearing-in of the young men and women braving the challenges of studying modern medicine to add to the noble stock of practising medical doctors in Ghana brought me tears of joy.

Pastor Jim Jones of the People's Temple ordered the mass suicide of his followers in 1978


The Christian faith is interspersed with denominations, sects and branches. It has become this way as a result of the proliferation of divergent doctrines, and beliefs that infiltrated the ranks of true believers causing division and extremism in the Christendom.

Looks like a straight fight between Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo of the NPP and John Dramani Mahama for the NDC


On Wednesday, Ghanaians will go to the polls to elect a President, as well as 275 Members of Parliament (MPs) to administer the affairs of the state in the next four years from January 7, 2017.

The law will not permit an educated person who appends his signature on a document to turn round and say he made a mistake or did not intend to sign the document he authored


Dear Mirror Lawyer, My father signed an agreement which stated that he was selling his only house to a purchaser for an amount less than the market value of the property. My father later explained that the discussions with the purchaser focused on leasing the property for just 10years and that he did not read the document before signing.



Last week, I was telling you about my surprise at a pastor’s use of insecticides as an agent for exorcising evil powers. I told you about how he sprayed the chemical into the eyes of his congregants.  Hmm.

This practice in business is not prominent in Ghana


This feature is a continuation of an earlier publication on various financial theories propounded to explain factors underlying mergers and acquisitions. Discussions in the previous write-up ended on theoretical perspectives of mergers and acquisitions.



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The rival supporters engaged in taunts of “JM TWASO” or “JM TOASO,” to indicate their opposition or support for the President as we go into the polls on December 7

Thinking Aloud

Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organise yourself around it. — Brian Tracy.

Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave. Henry Peter Brougham.

True peace is not merely the absence of negative force - tension, confusion or war; it is the presence of some positive force - justice, goodwill and brotherhood. Dr Martin Luther King.

The President-elect should immediately install himself or herself in a corner of Flagstaff House and access to him should be at his request.

Voice from afar

It has been a hard-fought election.  The strategies and confrontations have been of great interest to analysts.  Many have enjoyed the rallies and fun and the expectations have been great.

Democracy is difficult to operate but it is the only acceptable system we have

Voice from afar

The future is gloomy but the potential is great and electing a leader with vision and purpose, supported by a party with the appropriate programme, can restore the confidence of a nation numbed by economic distress.

The political parties have now generally embraced job creation as a major tool for individual well-being and economic growth.  The party strategists should now be engaged on plans for major government initiatives to establish or improve the infrastructure for production and services.

The strange case of the missing ballot boxes

Native Daughter

I can’t believe that the long-awaited Election 2016 is less than a week away. And it’s interesting that there has been no shortage of memorable developments this election is generating, such as what one can term the ‘strange case of the missing ballot boxes’.

Mrs Mary Adu Boahen

Native Daughter

This week I dedicate my column to the memory of Mrs Mary Adu Boahen, widow of the 1992 Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party and my ‘special auntie’. Her funeral took place a week ago today and this is my farewell to a woman of substance, class, political acumen and courage.

Very likely those who need to know about it most have no idea that tomorrow is a day the United Nations has set aside to highlight an issue of deep concern to them. Bluntly put, minus euphemisms, tomorrow, November 19, is World Toilet Day.

While there are successes to celebrate as far the country’s elections are concerned, tomorrow’s polls are a defining moment for the nation

Civic Realities

Since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1992, Ghanaians have voted to choose their leaders at both the constituency and the national levels and tomorrow’s epoch-making polls will be no exception.

All too soon another election is beckoning Ghanaians and members of various political parties and candidates are already experiencing stomach-churning moments as they seek to know the possible outcome of the election and for that matter who wins the 2016 Election.

Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)

Civic Realities

The ability of the Electoral Commission (EC) to successfully organise this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections, slated for December 7, have come under heavy criticisms and doubts.

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is not having a good campaign. As the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), he has based his entire campaign to be re-elected as President of this republic on the premise that his government has brought infrastructural development to Ghana.

The rules governing the elections must apply to all

Elizabeth Ohene

It does not appear to me to be much point in engaging in a competition if both sides cannot agree on the rules of the game. When you have agreed to the rules and both sides agree to subject themselves to those rules, you can have a successful game.

Black Stars’ Jordan Ayew gains the upper hand during a tussle for the ball with Tarek Hamed of Egypt

Elizabeth Ohene

It might be a tough lesson but there is no escaping from it. It is often said that politicians and officialdom in general get away with murder in this country because, to borrow President Mahama’s words, Ghanaians have short memories.