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Fri, Aug

Our peace cannot be compromised

In 60 days, Ghanaians will go to the polls to elect the next President and 275 parliamentarians who will take office on January 7, 2017. 

These elections are seen as the most crucial since Ghana returned to constitutional rule in 1992. 

One of the greatest expectations of all Ghanaians is for the country to go through the elections peacefully. In the past 24 years, Ghana has grown to become a very peaceful country, having held six successful elections and two smooth transitions. It has thus become a role model for many countries in the sub-region and the continent as a whole. 

This is not to say that our elections have been without conflicts. Indeed, there has been many tense situations in previous elections, with pockets of disturbances in some parts of the country. 

The Daily Graphic notes that issues of disagreement and some level of conflict are common in many parts of the world during elections. We are concerned, however, that already the exercise to transfer votes has seen some skirmishes in some communities and offices of the Electoral Commission which, thankfully, have been brought under control. 

The security agencies have given assurance of their readiness to police this year’s polls to ensure that any attempt by individuals and organisations to foment trouble will be nipped in the bud. We appreciate their efforts so far in dealing with the pockets of trouble that reared their head.

Most often, the actions of followers of the main political groupings go a long way in determining the success or failure of a general election. We, therefore, urge all the supporters of the parties to be circumspect and bear in mind that the parties they support all seek the welfare of the country.

The experiences in neighbouring countries which were seen as oases of peace but which were later engulfed in electoral conflicts that devastated those countries should be fresh in our minds.

The Daily Graphic urges all stakeholders to perform their duties without blemish as their contribution towards peaceful elections.

We must show to all that we have learnt great lessons from the experiences of our neighbours and conduct this year’s elections to retain our status as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.

In any circumstance, we must not forget that each belongs the other. As the revered Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary, Mother Teresa, stated, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” 

Let us do whatever it takes to safeguard the peace that is currently prevailing in Ghana.